"(Ann Charteris) definitely inspired one side to his femme fatale characters"  Lara Pulver on Fleming’s writing


and here we have a rogue lara pulver photobombing imelda staunton (aka umbridge) in gypsy rehearsals


Her twitter display picture is so lovely!



"From a very young age, music was very much in the house. I would sit with my mom, with the old LPs, listening to The Beatles and Carly Simon and Lionel Richie… I would put on dance and music displays for my family, just to entertain them and make people laugh and smile."




If you have a chance to go - GO!
Imagine Lara running around the stage with a large prop cow head mask… I mean, stripping and singing will be great too, but COW HEAD!

what do you know about this w o m a n ?

happy birthday!